The ABC Health Initiative

Amazon, Berkshire and JP Morgan/Chase names their CEO to lead their new venture to “fix healthcare”. The good news is the fix is already here, clients of Midwest Benefit Advisors have implemented 21st century solutions that is managing the largest bucket of a health plan, claims. We are excited to see some of the brightest […]

Solutions Learned Beyond the Status Quo

MBA invites subject matter expert on clinical health plan management; not the status quo! 21st century health plan solutions were discussed on May 10th in Omaha Employers who attended left knowing the status quo or “legacy best practices” has not worked. The discussion using science, mathematics and technology and how it can dramatically change how […]

Reserve Space for the Executive Team – May 10, 2018

The Current Healthcare Plan Situation: How & Why Employers are Getting Fleeced You and your executive team are cordially invited to attend a seminar that will change how you purchase health care for your company. Amazon, Berkshire and Chase are thinking in the right way. What is even more intriguing is businesses all across America […]

Bewildering and Impersonal. That’s in the past.

How much time does your HR department allocate to handle and assist with employees requests for help with navigating your healthcare plan? For millions of people in our country, trying to get the healthcare they need is a challenging and expensive journey. We are of the belief that healthcare doesn’t need to be that way. […]