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“You cannot manage what cannot measure”. Contact MBA to learn about our data-driven, clinically performance based strategies. It is time for your company to pay for results, not activities. Arrange a 20 minute risk-free consultation to learn more.

The following case studies highlight the success our clients are achieving by implementing next generation strategies that has reduced costs while increasing benefits and value for employees.

This law enforcement union moved to a care coordination model that is a shining example that you can reduce cost (over $12 million savings) and make your employees happy at the same time. Want to learn more?

MBA identified 2% of their members were driving 76% of Rx spend. Implementing our Rx strategy, the company realize a 75% savings.

MBA strategy identified 13 members representing 3% of its member yielding $593,000 in Rx savings.

MBA strategy identified 11 members yielding $242K in Rx savings.

MBA reduced the Rx spend by $2,439,593.  Medications were sourced to 56 members, resulting in 80% savings.

MBA was able to identify and cut prescription costs saving this employer 67.4% resulting in $1,261,993 of savings, and an average of $16K per member.

MBA identify that 2.5% of plan members were driving most of the pharmacy spend. In just 6 months MBA was able to identify and cut their spend by $731,303 savings over $317K on Humira.

MBA solution was able to engage and reduce Rx spend by 85.7% saving this municipality $3,618, 552 over 4.5 years.

These are replicas of a checks an MBA customer received as a result of a favorable claims year. Even with a pandemic, helping employees and their families seek the highest quality care is rewarded.

Prescription medication is increasingly becoming a larger percentage of an employer’s overall health spend. Status quo plans of yesterday have no plan to mitigate high Rx costs. Want to give your employees a raise with $0 cost medication?