Midwest Benefit Advisors (MBA) and their team has decades of experience and witnessed numerous changes in the insurance industry.

We are positioned to assist our clients and prospective clients with the complexities of the Affordable Care Act.

About MBA

From agriculture to food processing, from engineering to construction, since 2004, we have partnered with employers to successfully stabilize their health care spend. We bring compassion and empathy in helping employees navigate their health care plan and the health care system.

Millions of dollars are being saved by both employer and employee in 2020, due in part to independent, transparent strategies that cut costs and increase value to all stake holders.

We partner with health care providers, commercial printers and lumber companies with a focus to reduce costs for employers, make health care affordable for employees and their families. MBA recently helped a plan member receive their $30,000 per year medication at no cost. How wonderful is that?

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Did You Know?

Did you know 1 in 20 adult outpatients (12 million people) are misdiagnosed every year?! One in five – 20% – original diagnosis are totally WRONG! Check out this infographic!!  Health-Care-Out-of-Control  

30 Day Rx Cost Reduction Guide

We discuss the cost of medications all of the time. Reason being is that they cost so much. The more you know, the less you could spend on medication. Here is your 30 Day Rx Cost Reduction Strategies for the…
“The solution that MBA and Novo Benefits provide with Apta Care Coordinators has been instrumental in turning our health & dental plan in the right direction. As we’ve worked with these companies, we are comforted in knowing that they genuinely care about our experience – and our employees! The biggest key, is education, and this is with any area of our life! We work closely with our team to ensure that we provide employees and their families with the right education – and this gives them the best possible experience! We feel very fortunate to have Tim & Howard as our watchdogs – it has been one of the best decisions we’ve made!”
Tara Johnson
State Law Enforcement Bargaining Council
State Troopers Association of Nebraska Nebraska State Fire Marshall Association
“MBA Testimonial: We were referred to Howard and Midwest Benefit Advisors in 2014 by our payroll company. After careful consideration and evaluation, our company made the move to Midwest Benefit Advisors and currently in our 5th year of a long-term strategy that has stabilized our healthcare costs. With the help of Howard and his team, we are able to offer our employees' healthcare benefits that beat the market and we are proud to deliver a plan that focuses on helping our employees and their families receive the highest quality of care. We highly recommend Midwest Benefit Advisors.”
Joel Makovicka
“President, Aradius Group We are proud to present a video of satisfied clients that have implemented next generation healthcare strategies that are reducing plan costs simultaneously enriching benefits for employees. Please click the link below to view the video, then contact Midwest benefit Advisors to learn more about our healthcare solution. ”