The Cycle Continues – Cost Shifting & Care Avoidance

Midwest Benefit Advisors  mission is to enlighten employers that cost shifting to employees actually increase overall health care plan costs. Cost shifting increases a worker’s health deductibles, out-of-pocket limits and premiums. Gallup recently reported that 61% of Americans worry about higher premiums. The facts are clear, workers health care premiums and their contributions have increased […]

Who is Managing Your Company’s Healthcare Supply Chain?

Companies with hundreds of employees have an annual healthcare spend in the millions. Whether the CEO knows it or not, their company is in the healthcare business. So it begs to question, who is managing their healthcare supply chain? Supply chain management is a crucial element to the success of a business. CFO’s account for […]

The ABC Health Initiative

Amazon, Berkshire and JP Morgan/Chase names their CEO to lead their new venture to “fix healthcare”. The good news is the fix is already here, clients of Midwest Benefit Advisors have implemented 21st century solutions that is managing the largest bucket of a health plan, claims. We are excited to see some of the brightest […]

Solutions Learned Beyond the Status Quo

MBA invites subject matter expert on clinical health plan management; not the status quo! 21st century health plan solutions were discussed on May 10th in Omaha Employers who attended left knowing the status quo or “legacy best practices” has not worked. The discussion using science, mathematics and technology and how it can dramatically change how […]

Concierge Health Care & Analytics

Does your group health plan have a dedicated team of nurses and doctors ensuring your plan members are getting the right care, at the right time, and for the right price helping them navigate both health providers and insurance plans? Technology, analytics and Midwest Benefit Advisors (MBA) concierge health care solutions is a powerful combination […]

Specialty Drug Benefits Overview

Specialty drugs (or specialty pharmaceuticals) are the most expensive prescriptions you can buy—around $1,000 or more per month. Unfortunately, they are also the only option for many people who have complex, and otherwise non-treatable, conditions. What are Specialty Drugs? Specialty drugs are expensive prescription medications that are used to treat chronic, complex conditions. Individuals suffering […]

Administering Benefits: One-on-one for Better Results

Effective communication with employees about their benefits is essential since many employers are offering more voluntary benefits, health care costs are rising and employee decisions are becoming more consumer-driven. Work-site communication programs that involve one-on-one guidance help employees make the best decisions regarding their employer-sponsored benefits. Group Discussions versus One-on-one Guidance Traditionally, employees are enrolled […]

Examining Narrow Provider Networks

Examining Narrow Provider Networks In recent years, narrow networks have gained popularity. Narrow networks are health plans that offer their subscribers a limited choice in health care providers. Health plans contract with a small group of doctors, specialists and hospitals, and those entities are then considered in-network. Because all plan participants are directed toward certain […]

Prescription Drug Trends

As prescription drug costs continue to increase, it is important for employers to understand the trends behind prescription drug costs and what they can do to better manage their health care expenses.

Value-based Insurance Design (VBID)

As health care costs rise, so do copayments and coinsurance as a way to keep these costs in check. As a result, more individuals are skipping treatment, medications and preventive care measures. In response, some employers have adopted a value-based insurance design (VBID) in which copayments and costs are based on the value of the […]