5 Pharmacy Benefit Insights to Share with Employees

The last thing an HR professional wants is unhappy plan members when their prescription prices suddenly change or are no longer covered. Here are five suggestions to share with employees during this time of year. These are simple ideas to keep in mind to maximize the member experience: Location, Location, Location – Not all pharmacies […]

The Annual Autumn Dance

Although the weather is still warm, autumn has arrived. With the cool nights and changing leaves, comes the annual dance called health plan renewal. Have you ever heard that 8% is the best we can do or we are happy to report we negotiated the renewal down to 6%? Well, your financial advisor would tell […]

The Data Narrative

How many business and financial decisions are made every day based on data? I would suggest that any CFO would have their head handed to them, should they present to the CEO financial forecasts without supporting data. Remember Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes fame? You can hear him say in his distinctive voice, “Why do […]

Consider A New Reality-Health Care Plan Performance

The old reality is continuing to purchase your companies health care plan with old and unsustainable yet “best practice” solutions. The old reality is continuing to purchase your companies health care plan without plan oversight; having no knowledge of the amount of plan assets spent on unnecessary test, surgeries and  non-evidence based procedures will potentially […]

Interesting Perspective how Companies buy Health Care

I recently read an article by Craig Lack about employers having the same fiduciary and legal responsibility for their 401(k)’s as they do with their group health care plan. Employers must act in the best interest of the participants. A Forbes magazine article discussed CFO’s facing millions of dollars in personal liability suits due to […]

Care Coordination Will Reset Your Trend

Apta Health is the last healthcare program you will ever need. We make self-funding easy for mid-market employer groups. Our proprietary offering packages the best vendors in the self-funding space with a Care Coordination model that will reset your health plan trend and allow you to control the future of your benefit plan. Apta Health […]

“Tis” the season for Benefit Elections

Twas the night before open enrollment and you should always elect benefits during open enrollment to ensure you get the coverage you need; however, once enrolled in health coverage like a cafeteria or Section 125 plan, you are unable to change your elections until the plan year ends. But sometimes qualified life events occur, allowing […]

Effective Benefit Plan Communication

The way that employers communicate benefits information to employees has a tremendous impact on how well the programs are understood, utilized and perceived by employees. Providing your employees with ample informative resources will help better convey your message.