The Old Discount Dance – Time for New Thinking

The Old Discount Dance – Time for New Thinking

How often have we heard the expression” We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”? Another way to say it is implementing the same strategies, expecting different results.

What is it about CEO’s and CFO’s who resist a serious deep dive into the facts why their second largest expenditure is spiralling out of control? What is that magic spell that the big box store brokers have over them? Could it be that ever popular discount dance?  You know, my discounts are bigger than your discounts! How has that dance worked out so far? ” Good news Boss, we are only getting an 8% increase, we budgeted for 10%. What is even better, we will only have to cost-shift a little to our valued employees”.

CEO’s and CFO’s, it is time to change partners who can deliver results, not just activity. It is time to have a dance partner that will align the goals of your P & L with the goals of your health plan and your plan members.

It is time to step into the present, where Midwest Benefit Advisor client partners are implementing strategies that ensure for 2019, their healthcare costs will decrease at same time increasing benefits for their valued employees.

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