The Cycle Continues – Cost Shifting & Care Avoidance

The Cycle Continues – Cost Shifting & Care Avoidance

Midwest Benefit Advisors  mission is to enlighten employers that cost shifting to employees actually increase overall health care plan costs. Cost shifting increases a worker’s health deductibles, out-of-pocket limits and premiums. Gallup recently reported that 61% of Americans worry about higher premiums.

The facts are clear, workers health care premiums and their contributions have increased almost five times greater than their wages and inflation since 1999. Cost shifting will only increase the amount of people avoiding care due to the fear of higher expenses.

This status quo strategy employed by the big box store brokers only perpetuates their revenue model. This does nothing to help the end-user, it only delays the inevitable for the employer for just one year.

MBA is implementing transparent and independent strategies that align the goals of the patient, with goals of the provider and the plan, all working to help the member get the highest quality care at the lowest cost.

No more cost shifting, no longer will we put this burden on the backs of American workers. The misaligned interests that permeate healthcare stops with Midwest Benefit Advisors, a Next Generation Advisor.

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